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More Than Results, Veridia Diagnostics Delivers Insights

Most standard immunoassays detect elevated disease markers for diagnosis once the patient is already ill.

Did you know?

Approximately 50%

of US adults have one or more chronic diseases, such as
cardiovascular disease.1

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Consultative expertise at your service

Our team of medical professionals is always available to consult with you
to turn results into actionable insights for personalized treatments.

Advanced diagnostic testing

Proprietary biomarkers (SMC cTnI*, SMC IL-6*, SMC IL-10*, SMC IL-17A*, SMC TNF-a*,
and SMC Endothelin*) only available in our clinical lab, offer unique insight into cardiac function
and inflammatory conditions.

Veridia’s proprietary SMC tests routinely and effectively identify minute quantities
of biomarker molecules in blood, enabling precise, confident measurements. Our
advanced lab-developed testing provides insight into heart health, vascular
inflammation, and endothelial dysfunction.

SMC technology is up to 100 times more sensitive than other laboratory testing platforms and enables unprecedented clinical insight into medical conditions.4,5



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